Meet Our Rams

Our rams here on the farm we use for breeding, with something for everyone. Genetics from CMG, TLF, WRI & WVF.
We have rams that can add the traits that you need!

The General

NSIP:  6400452019WRI065

PFEC “-80”

Low PFEC is a sign of parasite resistance.   

The scale is “-100” to “1900” PFEC  

(very resistant to very wormy)

SRC$: 131.83- Top 1%
NLW: 0.337- Top 1%
NLB: 0.392- Top 1%
MWWT: 1.735- Top 1%
SRC$: 128.48- Top 1%

We’ve got it… parasite resistance, weight gain, # lambs born & weaned.  What do you need your ram to do?



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