PCN TV Virtual 2021 Farm Show
Sally Scholle from the American Lamb Board giving a talk on the services provided by the ALB and showing off some lamb dishes than Jan had made for the crew.
Melanie Barkley with PSU Extension, Small Ruminant Specialist is filmed as she demonstrates hoof trimming on a Katahdin ewe, using a Sydell tilt table.
We were contacted in the fall of 2020 about hosting a sheep herding event for a virtual farm show. It sounded interesting enough and as we got planning for it, we found out that additional sheep education was welcome, so we rounded up some top talent to do some presentations.
Much thanks to :
Melanie Barkley with PSU Extension, Small Ruminant Specialist
Sally Scholle a board member of the American Lamb Board
Titus Martin a consultant for NRCS
Jan Turner for the great lamb dishes we served the crew and participants
Deb Mickey and I set up a 4-acre paddock as a mini-trial field. We set up fetch panels, cross drive panels as well as a funnel chute. Instead of a typical trial pen, we used the stock trailer as "the pen" which demonstrated how a dog can do actual farm work. We had run by Deb, Sherry Sheldon and Marianne Walters. I am at the set out. 
Ceri, my Border Collie is watching her sheep during the PCN TV virtual 2021 PA Farm Show Sheep Herding segment.  She gets to star in the Farm Dog Tasks segment.