Our rams for the 2020 lambing season, with something for everyone.  We have a new line-up, with more photos yet to add.  Stay tuned for updates.  Genetics from CMG, TLF,  WRI & WVF .  

We have rams that can add the traits that you need.


NSIP: 640005-2016-WVF435 

                        PFEC "-48"

You need it? 

We've got it... parasite resistance, weight gain, # lambs born & weaned.  What do you need your ram to do?

Big Willie

New to NSIP, brings growth & parasite resistance 

The General Lee - Highest selling ram at the 2019 SWAREC Ram Test Sale.      Yes, he makes heads turn!

The General Lee

NSIP: 6400452019WRI065 

PFEC "-80"    

More rams to add, from TLF, WVF 
   NSIP:  6400442018TL1831 ; PFEC  "- 98"
     6400052018WVF722 (Ace's Bro);  PFEC  "-87"

Low PFEC is a sign of parasiter resistance.   
The scale is "-100" to "1900" PFEC  
(very resistant to very wormy)