Breeding rams and market lambs available.  Proven ewes are available, bred or open.   Ask about how our rams have been rated through the National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP), and how that translates into improving your flock.

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2020 Rams unloading at MDE forage test.
Breeding Rams from this trial will be for sale early Sept.  The two highest NSIP Hair Score, 2020 Ram Lambs in the USA are in this study. 
Some of the best NSIP EBVs in the nation are in this field.  Hair Scores based on growth and prolificacy - the stuff that makes a difference!
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Ewe Lamb Right Farm reaches 1.4lbs/day gain with rams at Univ. of MD Extension.
If you are following the WMREC Research Blog, here is a little more info that we have been provided. After 11 days of all 79 ram lambs grazing together in a silvopasture (pasture in a wooded area), the average weight gain for each animal was 5.9 pounds. The average daily gain was 0.543 lbs/day. It was exciting for us to find out that 9 rams gained 1 lb. or more per day, with 3 rams over 1.4 lbs/day. That is hard to believe for lambs averaging 110 days old and after being moved to strange surroundings. On the other hand, there were obviously a few losers, who did not take the move as well. There were 8 rams that averaged below .1 lb/day and 5 that actually lost weight in the initial acclamation period. These are actual weights - they are not adjusted. On June 26th, the rams were split into 2 groups where they will graze similar pastures, though one group will get supplemented with barley. We should be getting an update every 2 weeks so we may have an update this week. Will the same rams keep up the pace?

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