Old Barn Charm
Susan Schoenian signing her online book -Sheep 101. Maybe a sharpie wasn't the best idea!
Lauren making the most out of 14 hours of daylight;   hammering fence staples into newly stretched wire.
Can't hardly sheep-proof a feeder.
The old handling facility, where we weighed and tended to them.
Nice view from the office window.
Jan likes to release about 60 birds every year.  No hunting,,, please!
Setting up the 5-ton feed bin... by myself... at night; operating the skid loader, tractor loader and camera. 100% satisfaction.
Is it legal to make a 4-year-old clean out the old grain bin dumpster?  As long as he doesn't tell mom, I think I'm OK!
A little Red, White & Blue with the newly installed ground effects.  Now for that stereo and sub-woofer.
Feeding the ewes before lambing.  Over 200 ewes.  
 A flock of distinction from years of genetic selection.